Team info

Dimitar Angelov
Hugo Snijders
Patrick de Brouwer
Rikke Schrauwen
Job van Deursen

Content Control

Business ready / startup

The challenge

The origin of content control is from an earlier startup that Patrick & Rikke worked on. Our network partners, largly within the gaming industry, had expressed problems with current marketing practices and sponsor deals on the basis of reach and clicks. They want actual performance, a clear ROI, "if I give you 1 euro, I want at least 1,01 back. Can you prove that your service does this?" So, consequently, do you think the average content creator is able to provide that data? On the other side, content creators are looking for ways to monetize their content but fail to do so. We could train content creators and help them by providing sales funnels & sales strategies. By using our software the content creators can focus on making the content, while content control delivers the promise to the company.

The solution

First, A form of tracking which can be implemented in video and streams. Secondly, A connecting mechanism when a sale is made, that attributes the sale to the content creator. So that the percentage can be paid as a compensation for the content creator. Thirdly, A variety of marketing and advertisement tools usable by content creators to perfect their sales funnels and promote a higher conversion rate. Fourth & Final. A matching mechanism that easily connects companies to content creators for advertisement purposes.

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