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Jeroen Verboom
Karel Leusink

International Students Work

Business ready / startup

The challenge

Within the international student population, there is a high demand for employment opportunities. Firstly, this is because of social reasons, as this provides a way to integrate into their communities. Secondly, having a job ensure financial stability. This is especially relevant for international students since they often face higher tuition fees than Dutch students and are only eligible for student finance if they work 56 hours per month. On the other hand, various fields of employment such as logistics and warehouses, are in fact looking for new employees that can work on irregular hours.

The solution

As an intermediary, we facilitate a platform in which students and employers are connected to bridge the gap between the demand for and offer of student part-time jobs. This service is particularly applicable to fields like logistics. University students have demonstrated to be trustworthy employees, as they are able to learn fast and cope with unexpected situations properly. Moreover, the process of starting a job as an international student may be more difficult due to higher administrative complexities (e.g. work permit, health insurances, tax return) International Students Work is there to solve this hassle for you!

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