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Byronie Richards
Teunis van der Hofstad
Nason Zikayo


Business ready / startup

The challenge

Data is the new oil! Even with this knowledge, companies still find it challenging to utilize their data for innovative insights. The reasons for the underutilization of data are, often businesses do not have the in-house resources or talent to derive insights from internal data, the cost to contract external firms for data services are outside their budget and GDPR regulations restricts data usage and sharing. Finally, there is currently, no easy and trustworthy means of connecting with data engineers and analysts for project based services

The solution

Our solution to this problem is to provide a digital work platform that makes it fast, simple, and cost-effective to find, hire, work with, and pay data analysts and engineers starting in the Netherlands, aiming for the world. Dmyzers revolutionary data anonymization software will be FREE for all companies that use our platform services. Our service will afford a number of benefits to companies: ~ Offers companies greater opportunities to access talent with the data skills they need ~ On a project basis, hire affordable data analytics and engineering workers ~ Potential for deeper data insights from the ability to share and collaborate with data. ~ SMEs experience cost savings from a reduction in fines

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