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Annika Rothe
Birte Mannitz
Anouk Seuren
Stijn de Bruijn

Trash Clash


The challenge

There are large amounts of litter pollution in both rural and urban areas in the Netherlands. The breakdown time of waste varies from a few weeks to eternity. For non-natural materials it is even worse, as they never decay themselves. This results in unhealthy and polluted living areas when no action is undertaken to clean the litter. Scientists predict that if there are no changes to our plastic consumption, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. The world needs to get a sense of urgency on this topic and is in need of a new generation that has a fresh and innovative flair to tackle these issues.

The solution

Therefore, we created the school competition “Trash Clash”. Our mission is to clean up Tilburg and the surrounding area through education! We aim to target children and let them experience the concepts of “waste” and “recycling” in a fun and interactive environment. Participating Schools will receive our Waste No More packages which gives them access to our online educational platform and provide them with helpful tools for cleaning up the waste in their area. On our digital platform the children can educate themselves about the waste pollution and do challenges and play games. Then we will take the active part of the competition into the real world. Who will collect the most trash? Who can create the coolest Art project out of trash? Showing the results at the end of our program.

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