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Esther Senneker
Sanvritti Patel
Caterina Ceccato

The Annie Project


The challenge

There is catering towards elderly people that are in care facilities. However, there is no help for elderly people that can and want to live independently except for family or paid assistance. We can fill that gap in the market with our app and make living alone easier for our target audience.

The solution

We plan to develop an application that caters towards elderly people who want to live independently but are having some difficulties. It will help with everyday tasks, such as taking medicine, and it will structure their schedule through a shared calendar where doctor’s appointments and relevant events can be stored and updated. People who care for the elderly person’s wellbeing and want regular updates can, with permission, access this data. Furthermore, there will be an emergency button through which the user can easily notify the police, an ambulance, or your first-speed dial number.

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