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Chia Ying LU



The challenge

The first exciting thing you do when traveling is planning your travel. However, after half an hour of browsing travel pages and websites, you lose track and enthusiasm. When traveling alone it is a lot of work to gather the right information. This is one of the main reasons solo-traveling is seen as complicated, a lot of work and hard to do. Nowadays there are some applications that can help you with for example maps or information about hostels and hotels. However, there are so many different apps and websites that it takes a lot of effort to find the right ones for you. Additionally, when traveling alone, even if you have all the information you need, the most difficult part of your trip is combining all this information in solid planning.

The solution

I want to develop an app or website that combines all the needed information for travelers. Next to maps and hostel/hotel information, you can get in contact with other travelers in your interested areas. By making this app as interactive as possible, travelers contribute and take advantage of each others knowledge and experience. This helps to keep the information up to date and dynamic. There is also a function that helps you with planning your trip. This function is has a simple and easy interface with a template to already get you started. This app is useful for all travelers, from beginner to pro.

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