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Purvi Sankhla

K.I.S.S. eten


The challenge

Now, our inter-linked food ecosystem is becoming more threatening than 'CoVid19' • 1/4th of Climate Change is caused by food ecosystem. Climate Change, in turn, is eroding the nutrients value of our food (e.g. Iron by 15% under changed climate). • Improper nutrition (also in developed countries e.g. Iron deficiency in women in NL) causes slower illness recovery; increases hospital burden, health premiums, depression; and lowers study/work productivity. We, consumers, are an important part of the ecosystem- unfortunately not having time or information to choose the right alternatives knowing the exact impact of our food choices on the climate or our health.

The solution

An interactive website that develops a personalized grocery list enhancing your health and climate impact, additionally saving your time and money. We 'Keep it Simple and Sustainable' for you backed by technology! Healthy(both for mental and physical) backed by research; Sustainable backed by climate impact calculations; Economical based on your budget.

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