Team info

Simon Tenneij
Gijs van Grunsven
almas khosti
Nicolas Moran Angoso
Laurien Wibbelink

Study Buddy


The challenge

The problem that we are addressing is the problem that students miss social contact with students with the same study. For many students it is difficult to socialize without physical lectures, so they can not simply ask questions to each other and help other students. They also cannot easily contact students from their same courses and share tips or summaries about the courses they have in common.

The solution

We from Study Buddy want to create a platform where students can create an account and register for the program and courses they follow. They can see people who follow the same courses. Students can contact and meet with fellow students from the same course or program and study together, share tips and summaries and help each other on assignments. In this way, students can connect with other students by helping one another and even make new friends.

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