Team info

Luuk van Hoof
Amber Kaziur
Minou van Heijst
Luuk van der Geest
Jésaï Miango
Simon van Rijsingen



The challenge

The problem we are addressing is the inconvenience within student houses. A very large amount of students is living on their own for the first time and experiences troubles with organizing the daily tasks within their student houses. There are a lot of (cleaning) tasks that need to be done, expenses that they need to keep track off and other tasks to be dealt with on a daily basis. However, almost every student house is making use of time-consuming and inefficient solutions to deal with this problem.

The solution

Our solution is to create an app for students living together that includes all necessary features to simplify the process of organizing daily tasks. Our app, Roomie, helps students organizing cleaning tasks, regulating their expenses, putting the trash outside, and more. This will make the lives of students living together much easier and will give them the efficient solution they are in desperate need of.

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