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Megan Hall
Tico ten Have
Koen Joosten
Romeo Futselaar
Merlijn Peters



The challenge

In an increasing competitive job market it is harder to stand out from the crowd/competition. People are having a hard time conveying their personality, skills and characteristics via the traditional way of job applications. On the other hand, it is difficult for many companies to efficiently (in terms of evaluation, time, money) find the right employees for their company. This issue results in miss fittings and uncertainty between employees and employers.

The solution

We propose video applications along with personal coaching and guidance on an online platform for both job candidates and employee-seeking companies, to bring them closer together in an unique and personal way. Video applications will convey much more personality and will offer companies a better and more efficient way to evaluate high quality candidates, in a faster and more cost friendly manner. This will lead to a better fit between employees and employers and less uncertainty.

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