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Noa Janssen
Jacqueline van Eekelen
Alexander van Oost
Tom van Beek

ERT (E-Roadtrip)


The challenge

The challenge ERT is trying to tackle is the tremendous difference in accessibility to charging points for electric vehicles across Europe. Nowadays electric car travelers are struggling with finding charging points along the predefined route to their destination without having to deviate from this route. This problem keeps travelers from using an electric vehicle to explore Europe. ERT will take on this challenge in order to encourage and stimulate the use of electric vehicles as means of transport for exploring astonishing and exciting places across Europe.

The solution

ERT will be committed to the development of a service app which enables its users to travel by electric car in a new, efficient, yet fun way with its main focus on sustainability. The app will offer several mapped out routes for road trips along places of interest across Europe with charging points for electric cars at each of these places. This way, users will not have to struggle with searching for charging points and additionally, the time of charging the electric vehicle can be spent enjoyably.

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